<nnt3:abstractTagBased />

This ViewHelper is not a custom ViewHelper that is usable in Fluid. It serves as a base class for your own tag-based ViewHelper.

Use extend in your own ViewHelper to use it. Here's a sample boilerplate, with everything you need to get started:

namespace My\ExtViewHelpers;

use \Nng\Nnhelpers\ViewHelpers\AbstractTagBasedViewHelper;

class ExampleViewHelper extends AbstractTagBasedViewHelper {

 protected $tagName = 'div';

 public function initializeArguments() {
     $this->registerArgument('title', 'string', 'info', false);
 public function render() {
     $args = ['item'];
     foreach ($args as $arg) ${$arg} = $this->arguments[$arg] ?: '';
     $content = $this->renderChildren();
     return $this->tag->render();