Definition of Content Blocks

Localization of labels

Labels for the editing interface, as well as frontend labels, are stored in the src/Language/Default.xlf. It is also possible to use different language files for frontend and backend by providing a src/Language/EditorInterface.xlf and a src/Language/Frontend.xlf instead. The automated backend label detection in the registration process will look for a Default.xlf first and, if not present, for an EditorInterface.xlf as well.

In general the coding guidelines of the TYPO3 core for labels are to be applied here as well. For backend labels that would be: <code-block-identifier>.<field-identifier>.

Although the fields are not actual database fields it is recommended to use the snake_case for the field identifier. For frontend labels developers are free to use the structure they like, although it is recommended to comply with the coding guidelines of the TYPO3 core.

Configuration of the editing interface

See Editing interface field types (YAML reference).


By default the content blocks installer expects a fluid template provided as a .html file. However, automated template engine detection via file ending (e.g. “.twig”) is possible as a future feature.

Data processing

An automated registration of data processors for certain field types (e.g. inline/ collection or images) is targeted as a feature.