Implementation Roadmap

In order to speed up the development process, being able to get tester’s feedback faster and react on it, the implementation process is split into following phases. Those phases represent a rough roadmap and may be adapted during the development process.

Phase 1

  • Composer installer for Content Blocks
  • Validation of editing interface YAML
  • Extend tt_content with a field content_block
  • Use Flexforms and XML blob to store data
  • or eventually and individual use of the FormEngine
  • Generate TSConfig
  • Generate TypoScript

Phase 2

This phase might be skipped. The decision depends on the research results for data storage.

Phase 2 may, if deemed vital, be done as part of phase 1. The necessary patch is nearly complete and can easily be adapted to, for example, writing a more condensed JSON blob.

Phase 3

  • Refactor Flexforms to freely organize fields in the editing interface (new feature, ability to extract field definitions from a DS and render them as part of the “showitems” instruction from TCA)

Phase 3 also could be created right now as a feature request on forge.

Phase 4

  • Based on investigation of performance, decide on a different storage strategy for the data that (according to phase 1) is stored as blobs based on FlexForm fields.
  • FlexForm storage driver potentially allows EAV or flat table implementations (actual storage strategy is arbitrary)