Distribution of Content Blocks


One composer package represents exactly one content block. Bundles can be realized as distributions (e.g. like TYPO3 minimal distribution) or within a bundling extension. This decision was made to reduce complexity, anyway if it proves bad in test phase, it will have to be adopted.

Sharing assets across multiple content blocks

Currently this is not possible. As this problem does not only refer to this content block approach it won’t be handled here. However, it is #1 issue the Rendering Group of the Structured Content Initiative is tackling with. Check out the github repository and be welcome to help.

Overriding of content blocks

To override existing content blocks you can choose between two methods:

Variant a: Duplicate declaration to new package

Variant b: Introduce inheritance (which makes maintenance more complex again)

Things like CSS, JS, HTML, XLF labels can be overridden via site extensions. Due to complexity inheritance will be no option for now. This might be discussed later again if the necessity proves unavoidable.

Availability on platforms

Unlike extensions the content blocks won’t be available in the TYPO3 extension repository (TER). The main registry for content blocks is packagist.org. However, a distribution platform similar to TER is in discussion.