User Guide

Register with an OAuth2 Provider

  1. Go to User Settings

    To register with an OAuth2 provider, go to your user settings and click Setup OAuth2 Providers.

    TYPO3 Oauth2 Configured Providers

    Setup provider configuration

  2. Activate Provider

    On the next page, click on activate for the provider you want to configure.

    TYPO3 Oauth2 Configured Providers

    Manage provider configuration

  3. Login and grant access

    In the popup that opens, enter your provider user credentials and confirm that you are granting access to your profile data to TYPO3.


    If the popup does not open, make sure you are not using a popup blocker.

Login with an OAuth2 Provider

  1. Switch to OAuth2 Provider

    On the TYPO3 Login Screen click the link “OAuth2 Login (Social Login)”

    TYPO3 Login

    Choose OAuth2 Login

  2. Choose Provider

    Choose the provider you want to use for logging in. Remember: you can only use a provider that you registered for your user in the previous step.

    TYPO3 Login

    Choose OAuth2 Provider