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Name Description Default value
viewLanguages List of languages which will be available in the extension (comma separated short names e.g. da, de, fi). If field is empty all languages will be used (Warning: very long list!). Default language is always included.
defaultLanguage If ‘en’ is not default language in TYPO3 BE, default language must be defined here (e.g. de). If this field is empty, English is used as default.
extIgnore Regular expression which limits the extension key list. /^(CVS|.svn|.git|csh_)/
changeXlfDate If set to TRUE, LFEditor will change the date in XLF files on each change. 1

Administrator can choose which backend users can save localization changes directly to extensions, by selecting checkbox “The user can save localization changes directly to extensions?” when editing non-admin BE user. The box is located in “Access Rights” tab, just after “Limit to languages” section of non-admin BE user. Backend users who don’t have this check box selected will be in override mode by default, and they can’t switch to another mode.