This documentation is not using the current rendering mechanism and will be deleted by December 31st, 2020. The extension maintainer should switch to the new system. Details on how to use the rendering mechanism can be found here.

Results Plugin

The results plugin is the most important plugin of the extension. It is responsible to render a search form and the results.

Flexform Configuration

All configuration can be done with TypoScript and the settings from EXT:solr are used. For some settings it makes sence to overwrite them with the flexform in the plugin settings.

The following settings can be overwritten by instance with the flexform:

“Target Page”:

Target page that should be used when a search is submitted. This can be usefull when you want to show the results on another page.

When nothing is configured the current page will be used.

Overwritten TypoScript Path
Type: Integer

“Initialize search with empty query”:

If enabled, the results plugin issues a “get everything” query during initialization. This is useful, if you want to create a page that shows all available facets although no search has been issued by the user yet.

Note: Enabling this option alone will not show results of the get everything query. To also show the results of the query, see option Show results of initial empty query below.

Overwritten TypoScript Path
Type: Boolean

“Show results of initial empty query”:

Requires “Initialize search with empty query” (above) to be enabled to have any effect. If enabled together with “Initialize search with empty query” the results of the initial “get everything” query are shown. This way, in combination with a filter you can easily list a predefined set of results.

Overwritten TypoScript Path
Type: Boolean

“Initialize with query”:

This configuration can be used to configure an initial query string that is triggered when the plugin is rendered.

Overwritten TypoScript Path
Type: String

“Show results of initial query”:

This option is used to configure if the results of an initial query should be shown.

Overwritten TypoScript Path
Type: Boolean


This flexform element allows you to define custom filters by selecting a solr field and a value:

Overwritten TypoScript Path
Type: Array


When you want to sort initially by a field value and not by relevance this can be configured here.

Overwritten TypoScript Path
Type: String
Example: title desc

“Boost Function”:

A boost function can be useful to influence the relevance calculation and boost some documents to appear more at the beginning of the result list. Technically the parameter will be mapped to the “bf” parameter in the solr query.

Use cases for example could be:

“Give never documents a higher priority”:

This could be done with a recip function:


“Give documents with a certain field value a higher priority”:

This could be done with:

Overwritten TypoScript Path
Type: String
Example: recip(ms(NOW,created),3.16e-11,1,1)

See also:

“Boost Query”:

The boostQuery is a query that can be used for boosting. Technically it is mapped to the “bq” parameter of the solr query. Compared to boost a function a boost query provides less use cases.

An example could be to boost documents based on a certain field value:


Overwritten TypoScript Path
Type: String
Example: type:tx_solr_file

See also: