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A user of the search typically want to find the results a fast as possible. To support the user and avoid to much typing solr can create a drop down list of common suggested search terms right after the search input box.

This feature can be easily configured with the following typoscript setting: {
    suggest = 1
    suggest {
        numberOfSuggestions = 10
        suggestField = spell

Beside the server related part EXT:solr ships the jQuery autocomplete implementation to show the suggest results.

The suggest implementation uses the devbridge/jQuery-Autocomplete library( to render the autocomplete.

If you want to configure an the autosuggest by example, you can include the typoscript example template “(Example) Suggest/autocomplete with jquery”.

When everything is configured the frontend will show you a drop down of suggestions when you are typing in the search field:


Autocomplete with jQuery

Beside search term suggestions the autocomplete an also show you the top search results for the user input.

This feature can be enabled with: = 1

If you want to change the number of proposed top results you can also configure them: = 5