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Version max. 0.5.x beta

Update on 30.11.2009 to version 0.5.3 beta

  • [BUGFIX] #5574 - Don't send a mail to admin if spam in ve_guestbook
  • [FEATURE] #3701 - Add CSS class to honeypot field

Update on 29.05.2009 to version 0.5.2 beta

  • Error messages in own DIV
  • Code cleanup

Update on 05.03.2009 to version 0.5.1 beta

  • Improve http check with https and ftp

Update on 13.01.2009 to version 0.5.0 beta

  • Using spamshield with the standard mailform enabled
  • Using spamshield with ve_guestbook without changes in the guestbook code
  • Honeypot method added
  • Some code improvements

Update on 12.09.2008 to version 0.2.1 beta

  • Errormessages can be defined via typoscript (no more tsconfig)
  • Small changes in the code

Update on 08.09.2008 to version 0.2.0 beta

  • Set your own error messages in tsconfig (see above)
  • Unique check added for powermail (e.g. firstname != lastname)