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What does it do?ΒΆ

  • wt_spamshield is a passive anti-spam extension for TYPO3 forms and works without annoying captchas.
  • wt_spamshield can be integrated in the default TYPO3 mailform (old and new version), powermail 1.x and 2.x, comments, ve_guestbook, t3_blog, direct_mail_subscription, ke_userregister, pbsurvey and formhandler.
  • wt_spamshield uses the following checks against spam (you can enable or disable each check globally):
    • Name check: Checks if last name == first name (easy but effective).
    • Link check: You can configure how many links are allowed within a message.
    • Unique check: Similar to the name check. All fields are checked for duplicate entries.
    • Honeypot check: A non-visible input field is added to your form. If the field is filled the message is handled as spam.
    • Session check: As soon as a form is generated a timestamp is stored in the session. Only if this timestamp is available during the submit process the database entry will follow.
    • Time (session) check: You can define a time frame in which the submit process is not handled as spam (default: min. 10 sec, max. 10 min).
    • Akismet check: Akismet is a reliable and powerful online check to determine if a message is spam.
    • Blacklist: You can set up IP or email blacklists.
  • If wt_spamshield detects spam a notification email can be send to the admin; maybe to check if everything works as expected. wt_spamshield can also log each spam detection in the database.

IMPORTANT: If you have ideas for extension improvements write an email and support fighting spam!