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Use wt_spamshield with powermail 2.x

powermail 2.x comes with a built-in spamshield. This spamshield is quite good but does not have an Akismet or blacklist check.

Add TypoScript Constants

plugin.wt_spamshield.powermail2 = 1

Add TypoScript Setup

plugin.wt_spamshield {
  # configure Akismet
  fields {
    powermail2 {
      author = 1
      email = 2
      homepage = 3
      body = 5

TypoScript explanation

With the setting in the constants you can enable or disable the plugin on different pages.

With the settings in the setup you can configure Akismet. You have to define the powermail fields which represent the author name, email address, an URL (if necessary) and a message field.In contrast to powermail 1.x you have to supply only integer values to identify the fields. You must not enter the prefix "uid".