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Use wt_spamshield with direct_mail_subscription

Add static template

Add the static template "direct_mail_subscription (wt_spamshield)".


Add TypoScript Constants

plugin.wt_spamshield.direct_mail_subscription = 1

Add TypoScript Setup

plugin.wt_spamshield.fields.direct_mail_subscription {
  author = last_name
  email = email
  homepage =
  body =
  permalink =

TypoScript explanation

With the setting in the constants you can enable or disable the plugin on different pages.

Normally, you don't have to configure anything else. Akismet integrates automatically. Nonetheless, it is possible to enter other or additional names of the form fields in order to configure wt_spamshield / Akismet for direct_mail_subscription.