Text & Images

Typical page content: Text, Images and Media

This content element allows you to combine text and images. Additionally there is also a content element for Text & Media where you can use videos or Audio. There are also separate content elements for Text or Images individually. These offer no advantage over the content element Text & Images except that some fields are missing and the backend form is less cluttered.

The text can be entered in the rich text editor of the General tab.

The content element rich text editor in the content element Text

The media elements can be added in the Images tab. In this tab there is also the option to turn the enlarge on click behaviour on for images.

TextImages in the content element Text & Images

Multiple images and movies are combined as a gallery, which can be configured using the Gallery Settings. In some installations there are specific settings for width or height for each element, if a border should be shown around each element, the position of the gallery in relation to the text and the amount of columns which should be used for the gallery.

The maximum width of the gallery can be different when the gallery is on top or bottom of the text, or inside the text. This can be set using the Constant Editor.