This extension is part of the TYPO3 Core, but not installed by default.

Installation with Composer

Check whether you are already using the extension with:

composer show | grep scheduler

This should either give you no result or something similar to:

typo3/cms-scheduler       v12.4.11

If it is not installed yet, use the composer require command to install the extension:

composer require typo3/cms-scheduler

The given version depends on the version of the TYPO3 Core you are using.

Installation without Composer

In an installation without Composer, the extension is already shipped but might not be activated yet. Activate it as follows:

  1. In the backend, navigate to the Admin Tools > Extensions module.
  2. Click the Activate icon for the Scheduler extension.
Extension manager showing Scheduler extension

Extension manager showing Scheduler extension

Next steps

Once the extension is installed, the following setting is available:

  • Maximum lifetime : it may happen that a task crashes while executing. In this case it will stay in a state marked as "running". That may prevent it from being executed again, if parallel executions are denied (see "Tasks execution" above). The maximum lifetime parameter ensures that old executions are removed after a while. The lifetime is expressed in minutes . The default is 15 minutes.
Extension configuration

Configuring the extension settings