TYPO3 v6 has reached its end-of-life April 18th, 2017 and is not maintained by the community anymore. Looking for a stable version? Use the version switch on the top left.

There is no further ELTS support. It is strongly recommended updating your project.

The Distributions

Several Distributions are available for TYPO3 for use in your installation. In essence, a Distribution is an extension which sets up and configures TYPO3 to get you started. A Distribution often creates an example page structure and content elements, as well as automatically handling the installation and activation of assistant extensions like RealURL.

If you selected the option to load preconfigured Distributions during the final step of the installation process (in the Install Tool), you will be redirected to the "Get preconfigured distribution" screen of the Extension Manager after logging in to the backend. (You can also navigate there manually, of course.)

Amongst non-core options, the following Core Distributions are available:

Introduction Package

The Introduction Package is a complete demo website. It it based on a responsive design and contains a lot of default content for testing and learning. Try this one if you are new to TYPO3.

Government Package

The Government Package is a demo website. It contains a collection of best practices to enhance the level of web accessibility. The contents are rendered in HTML5 based on the famous HTML5Boilerplate. Navigation and content elements are defined to be accessible for screen readers and keyboard navigation. HTML5 semantics are used to add more meaning and structure to the appropriate elements. Since web accessibility guidelines are strict on contrast ratio and readability, an alternative view has been integrated, which allows you to use an alternative, contrast-enhanced stylesheet.

Installing Distributions

For testing and learning we recommend that you use the Introduction Package.

If accurately adhering to web standards is especially important to you (e.g. as required for government bodies in the European Union), you might want to try the Government Package.

Just choose the Distribution you'd like to use and hit "Install".


The installation process of a Distribution can take a long time. On a current laptop I had to wait around 100 minutes for the introduction package to finish installing. Do not abort this process - be patient!

If you want to build your website from scratch, just go ahead without using a Distribution. You can then start with a completely empty installation of TYPO3.