TYPO3 v6 has reached its end-of-life April 18th, 2017 and is not maintained by the community anymore. Looking for a stable version? Use the version switch on the top left.

There is no further ELTS support. It is strongly recommended updating your project.

Install the new Source

Upgrade the distributed source files to the new version. You can do this either using the Core updater or manually.

Using the Core Updater

The Install Tool in the section "Important Actions" provides a function to update the TYPO3 Core. For this to work, the following setup is required:

  • It only works under Unix and MacOS (needs symlink support).

  • typo3_src must be a symlink.

  • This symlink needs to be writable (and deletable) by the web server user.

  • document root needs to be writable.

  • One path above document root (../) needs to be writable (new directories need to be allowed to be created).

  • The tar command must be available for extracting the Source package.

In the section "Important Actions" scroll down to "Core update" and click the "Check for core updates" button. If above requirements are met, TYPO3 will automatically install the new source code.


Disabling the Core Updater

The Core Updater functionality can be disabled (in order to avoid users using it, i.e. if you use your own update mechanism). To disable the core updater, you can set this environment variable:


For example in Apache:


or for nginx:

server {
  location ~ path/to/it {
    include fastcgi_params;
    fastcgi_param TYPO3_DISABLE_CORE_UPDATER "1";

This will disable the button and all related functionality in the Install Tool.

If you cannot use the Core Updater, you can still install the new source code manually.

Installing the source manually

Go to and download the Source package of the new TYPO3 version.

Extract the package on your web server and - in your TYPO3 document root - adjust the typo3_src symlink.

What's the next step?

In case you did a minor update, e.g. from TYPO3 6.2.2 to 6.2.3, database updates are usually not necessary. All you still have to do is to remove the temporary cache files. After that your update is finished.

In case of a major update, e.g. from TYPO3 6.1 to 6.2, go ahead with the next step!