System Requirements

TYPO3 requires a web server, PHP and a database system.

  • TYPO3 requires a web server which can run PHP (e.g. Apache or IIS).
  • TYPO3 6.2 requires PHP 5.3.7 - 5.6.x
  • TYPO3 can be used with a great many database systems. If you use MySQL, you will need to implement at least MySQL 5.1.

If you use the Apache web server, the module mod_rewrite must be activated. Certain PHP extensions are necessary, others recommended. You possibly want to adjust the memory limit; at least 128 MB is recommended.

If you want TYPO3 to automatically carry out image processing – for example scaling or cropping – you will need GraphicsMagick or ImageMagick (version 6 or newer) installed on the server.

A detailed list of these requirements is enclosed in the file inside the TYPO3 source package.

Should you encounter problems, the “Troubleshooting” section at the end of this document will help.