The auth key is used for configuration of authentication services.

Specifies a URL to redirect to after login is performed in the backend login form. This has been used in the past to redirect a backend user to the frontend to use frontend editing.

Require multi-factor authentication for a user. This overrules the global configuration and can therefore also be used to unset the requirement by using 0 as value.

auth.mfa.required = 1

Disable multi-factor authentication providers for the current user or group. It overrules the configuration from the Backend usergroup “Access List”. This means, if a provider is allowed in “Access List” but disallowed with TSconfig, it will be disallowed for the user or user group.

auth.mfa.disableProviders := addToList(totp)

Set a recommended multi-factor authentication provider on a per user or user group basis, which overrules the global configuration.

auth.mfa.recommendedProvider = totp