The Extension Manager


This chapters cover modules that will only be available for backend users with “system maintainer” access privileges.


It is possible to set up your TYPO3 CMS installation and install extensions by using Composer. In that case, the Extension Manager is of little relevance. For more information, see the chapters in the Installation & Upgrade Guide:

If you are using Composer, skip to the next chapter Other Backend Modules.

TYPO3 CMS has many built-in features but even more features are available via extensions. Actually the whole of TYPO3 CMS itself is made of extensions. With public extensions you can enhance existing features or add totally new ones.

The Extension Manager is where you can manage available extensions or get new ones from the TYPO3 Extension Repository (TER). It is quite a rich tool and this chapter provides only a brief overview.

Moving to ADMIN TOOLS > Extensions, we get the following view:

TYPO3 CMS Extension Manager

It shows the “Installed extensions”. The first action icon (1) can be used to install an uninstalled extension or vice-versa (uninstalled extensions appear grayed out).

Next comes information about the extension: title, key, version and state. Finally are one or more actions icons, depending on what the extension offers. All extensions have a download action, many will have a configuration action, which can be used to access the extension’s options. Again just hover over the actions to get a help text.

Installing a New Extension

This is covered in the “Installation and Upgrade Guide”: Extension Installation.


Extension security

Please keep in mind there is no security audit available for public extensions! Have a close look at the extensions you are installing. If you find any security issue get in touch with the security team: .