Refer to TYPO3 documentation for further details on installing extensions.

Supported extensions

Extension Version tested
pp_gridelements 1.1.0
flux_elements 1.1.1
container_elements 1.0.0
ws_flexslider 1.5.14
indexed_search 10.4.9
news 8.5.0
eventnews 4.0.0
tt_address 5.2.0
timelog 1.6.0


After updating this extension in the extension manager the data base structure should be analysed in the maintenance module.


For some extensions additional packages are available:


During development or maintenance phase two actions might be of interest:

  1. Show under construction page
  2. Enable code debugging

To temporarily show an under construction page an url redirection might be created and the code debugging might be enabled by setting the site mode in the “PIZPALUE: AGENCY” category from the constant editor.