Changelog for release 11.4.0


  • [FEATURE] Add popover link handler, extend link browser (28.10.2020, c4ee815 by Roman)
  • [FEATURE] Add support for Twikito/onscroll-effect (17.10.2020, 7539a58 by Roman)
  • [FEATURE] Add support for extension eventnews (17.10.2020, eae3b15 by Roman)
  • [FEATURE] Add content element style definitions to header (01.10.2020, 802a9c9 by Roman)
  • [FEATURE] Add support for library animate-css/animate.css (17.08.2020, 34aa2e4 by Roman)


  • [BUGFIX] Correct eventnews and news detail view (27.10.2020, 3770572 by Roman)
  • [BUGFIX] Correct embedding from ce css style (01.10.2020, 7e81e9d by Roman)
  • [BUGFIX] Correct view helper namespace (21.09.2020, e1fde0a by Roman)
  • [BUGFIX] Correct embedding from content element TS (21.09.2020, 41cf1d9 by Roman)
  • [BUGFIX] Correct importing tsconfig files (15.09.2020, 82c9182 by Roman)

Breaking changes

  • [TASK][!!!] Streamline pageTS config embedding (17.10.2020, 6447ffb by Roman)
  • [TASK][!!!] Add scroll animation library josh.js (01.10.2020, 842d1e6 by Roman)
  • [TASK][!!!] Add pizpalue content elements by default (15.09.2020, 50d5565 by Roman)
  • [TASK][!!!] Enable pageTS TCEFORM configuring for ce’s (15.09.2020, 4bf0c5d by Roman)


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Note: The above list contains just commits marked with [FEATURE], [BUGFIX] and [!!!]. Complementary commits are available at Github.