Upgrade to version 11.4

PageTS configurations (6447ffb, 4bf0c5d)

In order to ease usage all pageTS config is now added automatically. This applies as well to configurations related to TCEFORM, TCEMAIN, content elements and supported extensions.

To manually add the configurations the parameter enableDefaultPageTSconfig can be disabled and the individual configurations can be added through the page properties (Field Page TSconfig, register Resources). The parameter enableDefaultPageTSconfig can be found in the module Settings, card Extension Configuration, section pizpalue.

Possible impact

Installations using their own configurations might get their configuration mixed up.

Corrective action

Disable adding default PageTS configurations in the module Settings.

Scroll animation (842d1e69)

Since AOS didn’t get updated for quite some time Josh.js has been introduced. AOS animations defined by the drop down menu (content element - Appearance - behaviour section) have been replaced by their Josh.js counter part.

Possible impact

The replacement might lead to changes in already  defined animations (e.g. there is no animation when the element gets back into the viewport).

Additionally the configuration has been restructured which might lead to a wrong initialization from the animation module.

Corrective action

Review scroll animated content elements and if needed configure them separately with TS constants.


pizpalue.animation.aos.initParams = easing: 'ease-in-out-sine'
pizpalue.animation.1.attributes = data-aos="fade-up-right"

Pizpalue content elements (50d55658)

Up to now pizpalue content elements needed to be added by adding the related static template. In effort to simplify configuration this additional configuration has been removed.

Possible impact

Installations where pizpalue content elements are not desired will have them now available.

Corrective action

The main static template from pizpalue can be replaced by a custom template.