Upgrade to bootstrap 4

Bootstrap 4 uses Sass as CSS preprocessor where Less was used in bootstrap 3. The two preprocessors mark variables different (Less: @, Sass: $) and have different function sets.

By introducing bootstrap 4 in the bootstrap_package some constant names changed as well.

Since the preprocessor parser provided by the bootstrap_package doesn’t substitute TS-constants upgrading to bootstrap 4 requires some manual intervention.

Static templates

Remove the static templates “Bootstrap Package: Bootstrap 3.x (LESS)”, “Pizpalue - Bootstrap 3.x (LESS)” as well as all extensions that might use Less-constants (e.g. user_customer).

Review constants

The following table lists all the bootstrap constants used by the extension that might need to be reviewed. Constants in italic changed name.


Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 4
(plugin.bootstrap_package.settings.less) (plugin.bootstrap_package.settings.scss)


Subcategory “Colors”

Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 4
brand-primary primary
brand-secundary secondary
brand-complementary complementary
body-bg body-bg
navbar-default-bg navbar-light-bg
footer-bg footer-bg

Subcategory “Frame”

Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 4
navbar-height navbar-height


Subcategory “Colors”

Bootstrap 3 Bootstrap 4
navbar-default-link-color navbar-light-color
navbar-default-link-hover-color navbar-light-hover-color
navbar-default-link-hover-bg navbar-light-hover-bg
navbar-default-link-active-color navbar-light-active-color
navbar-default-link-active-bg navbar-light-active-bg
navbar-default-link-disabled-color navbar-light-disabled-color
navbar-default-link-disabled-bg navbar-light-disabled-bg
footer-color footer-color
footer-link-color footer-link-color
footer-link-hover-color footer-link-hover-color
footer-link-hover-decoration footer-link-hover-decoration
pp-tab-v1-background pp-tab-v1-background
pp-tab-v1-active-background pp-tab-v1-active-background
pp-tab-v1-border-color pp-tab-v1-border-color