Extbase repositories


Use of the AbstractDataProcessor required

This compatibility method is only applicable to DataProcessors that extend the AbstractDataProcessor, since it provides the necessary method. It is not part of the DataProcessorInterface.

When Extbase repositories are used to fetch data via the DataProvider, it may be necessary to perform the necessary bootstrapping for Extbase repositories. This is the case whenever the rendering process is executed outside the Extbase context and fields such as tt_content.pages or tt_content.recursive are to be accessed in the repository to determine the storage PIDs.

To execute the necessary bootstrapping or to reset the underlying ConfigurationManager and to fill it with the current ContentObjectRenderer, the method initializeConfigurationManager() must be executed in the DataProcessor.


 # Classes/DataProcessing/HeaderProcessor.php

 namespace Vendor\Extension\DataProcessing;

 use Fr\Typo3Handlebars\DataProcessing\AbstractDataProcessor;

 class HeaderProcessor extends AbstractDataProcessor
     protected function render(): string
+        $this->initializeConfigurationManager();
         $data = $this->provider->get($this->cObj->data);
         return $this->presenter->present($data);


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