What does it do?

The extension provides a full rendering environment for Handlebars templates within TYPO3 CMS. All core features of Handlebars.js are supported by the usage of the third-party library LightnCandy.

Its main use is to seamlessly integrate Handlebars templates into TYPO3 without the need to modify these templates again for output in TYPO3.


  • Full rendering environment for Handlebars templates

  • Native support for custom Handlebars helpers

  • Easy to extend and customize

  • Built on dependency injection for better performance and maintainability

  • Integration with TYPO3's cache framework for compiled templates


There are several ways to get support for this extension:


This extension is based on the great work of Digitas Pixelpark GmbH. It was heavily extended and is now maintained by coding. powerful. systems. CPS GmbH.


This extension is licensed under GNU General Public License 2.0 (or later).