Rendering of Handlebars templates can be done with additional debugging. This results in individual tags being provided with debug output, which can be used to better localize errors, especially during development, and thus fix them more efficiently.

Learn more in the official documentation of LightnCandy.


Note that debugging only applies in the default Renderer. If a custom Renderer is implemented and used, then this functionality is not available out of the box.


See also

Read more about this TypoScript configuration in the official TYPO3 documentation.

# Disable debugging
config.debug = 0

# Enable debugging
config.debug = 1

Local configuration

// Disable debugging
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['debug'] = false;

// Enable debugging
$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['debug'] = true;