Thanks for considering contributing to this extension! Since it is an open source product, its successful further development depends largely on improving and optimizing it together.

The development of this extension follows the official TYPO3 coding standards. To ensure the stability and cleanliness of the code, various code quality tools are used and most components are covered with test cases.

Create an issue first

Before you start working on the extension, please create an issue on GitHub:

Also, please check if there is already an issue on the topic you want to address.

Contribution workflow


This extension follows Semantic Versioning.


Clone the repository first:

git clone
cd handlebars

Now install all Composer dependencies:

composer install

Check code quality
# Run all linters
composer lint

# Run specific linters
composer lint:composer
composer lint:editorconfig
composer lint:php
composer lint:typoscript

# Fix all CGL issues
composer fix

# Fix specific CGL issues
composer fix:composer
composer fix:editorconfig
composer fix:php

# Run all static code analyzers
composer sca

# Run specific static code analyzers
composer sca:php

Run tests
# Run tests
composer test

# Run tests with code coverage
composer test:coverage

The code coverage reports will be stored in .Build/log/coverage.

Build documentation

# Rebuild and open documentation
composer docs

# Build documentation (from cache)
composer docs:build

# Open rendered documentation
composer docs:open

The built docs will be stored in .Build/docs.

Pull Request

When you have finished developing your contribution, simply submit a pull request on GitHub: