Configuring plain text rendering

It is good practice to always include a plain text version in email messages. Some email clients are not able to present the html content of email messages, but will present the plain text version if available. Users of many email clients may also have the option to set their preference as to the format that they wish to see.

In order to configure the rendering of your newsletter pages in plain text, include static template “Direct Mail Plain Text” on the TS Template applicable to the pages. This static template contains a pre- defined template for plain text content rendering and makes it accessible as page type 99. You may thereafter configure the template to your needs in the template.

Note: In versions previous to version 2.0, plain text rendering was achieved by including static template “plugin.alt.plaintext (99)”. This static template may still be used in version 2.0+.

See “Direct Mail Plain Text” static template in Configuration/TypoScript/plaintext/setup.txt