Configuring the use of categories

If you intend to make use of Direct Mail categories, you should do the following.

First, add static template “Direct Mail Content Boundaries” to the TS template of the Direct Mail folder. This will ensure that content boundaries are inserted on the page when it is rendered whenever categories assignments are found on the content elements of the page. The static template ensures that content boundaries will be inserted in both HTML and plain text content. Insertion of boundaries is specified by setting TS setup property:

config.insertDmailerBoundaries = 1

This setting is already included in static template “Direct Mail Content Boundaries” .

Secondly, categories that may be assigned to content elements, to address records, to FE users or to recipient lists are determined by Page TSConfig. Therefore, you should configure the following properties in the Page TsConfig of the Direct Mail folder and, perhaps, of any page whose subtree may contain records of the corresponding types and which may be used in Direct Mail operations:

TCEFORM.tt_content.module_sys_dmail_category.PAGE_TSCONFIG_IDLIST = pid_list
TCEFORM.tt_address.module_sys_dmail_category.PAGE_TSCONFIG_IDLIST = pid_list
TCEFORM.fe_users.module_sys_dmail_category.PAGE_TSCONFIG_IDLIST = pid_list
TCEFORM.sys_dmail_group.select_categories.PAGE_TSCONFIG_IDLIST = pid_list

where pid_list is the list of page id’s on which categories may be found that may be assigned to records of the given type.

Finally, when the use of categories is thus configured on a page and its subtree, you may also want the categories assignment field to be displayed in backend forms. This is achieved by setting the following properties in Page TSConfig of the same pages:

TCEFORM.tt_content.module_sys_dmail_category.disabled = 0
TCEFORM.tt_address.module_sys_dmail_category.disabled = 0
TCEFORM.fe_users.module_sys_dmail_category.disabled = 0
TCEFORM.sys_dmail_group.select_categories.disabled = 0

The “Direct Mail Content Boundaries” static template can be found in Configuration/TypoScript/boundaries/setup.txt