Upgrading to version 6.0.0

Following changes are made to the new version 6.0.0

Breaking Changes

  1. Base url: For TYPO3 v9 compatibility the usage of sys_domain records was removed.

    See TYPO3 Deprecation: #85892 - Various methods regarding sys_domain-resolving

    Now pages for direct_mail requires a valid site configuration, which should contain a base url. This base url will also be used in all internal links contained in mail content.

    For migration, check possible defined sys_domain records, and separate such direct_mail folders into different sites with corresponding site-configurations.

  2. CLI: direct_mail_cli CommandLineController was removed

    This class invoked mailer engine via CLI for mass sending of newsletters.

    This class reqiured a BE-user with the name of _cli_direct_mail which is no longer necessary and may deleted.

    Instantiating or requiring the PHP class direct_mail_cli, will result in PHP fatal error.

    Mass sending of newsletters via CLI by invoking mailer engine is still possible. Requires you to change CLI command from

/ABS/PATH/TO/SITE/typo3/cli_dispatch.phpsh direct_mail masssend

/ABS/PATH/TO/BINARY/typo3 direct_mail:invokemailerengine

Optional arguments like `masssend` are no longer supported,
since this was the solely required argument in direct_mail_cli class.

For help, execute following command to show current available options:
/ABS/PATH/TO/BINARY/ direct_mail:invokemailerengine --help


  1. Global configuration option “content_doktypes” removed in TYPO3 v9

    See TYPO3 Breaking: #82803

    The outdated global configuration $GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['FE']['content_doktypes'] filters Internal pages in the Direct Mail module to select a newsletter. This configuration will be ignored in the future.

    Doktypes of spacers (199), recyclers (255) or folders (254) are excluded by default.