Breaking: #242 - Use defaultCountry setting for shipping address

See Issue #242


The defaultCountry TypoScript configuration will applied to the shipping address too. The old logic uses an empty shipping country as an indicator that no shipping address should be used. The new logic uses the new attribute shippingSameAsBilling within the cart model. Some fluid templates and JavaScript functions have been changed.


Using the old templates causes the problem that the shipping address will not be hidden and has to be filled out by the customer.

Affected Installations

Instances which use custom partial templates for:

EXT:cart/Resources/Private/Partials/Cart/OrderForm.html EXT:cart/Resources/Private/Partials/Cart/OrderForm/Address/Shipping.html

or own JavaScript instead of



Replace all conditions on {cart.shippingCountry} in both templates. Replace the attribute disable='true' in all input fields of the shipping address template with disabled="{f:if(condition:'{cart.shippingSameAsBilling}', then:'true')}".

Add "tx_cart_cart[shipping_same_as_billing]": $("#shipping-same-as-billing").is(":checked"), to post parameters of the updateCountry function.