Cart is an extension providing a shopping solution for TYPO3.


The extension is a small but powerful extension which “solely” adds a shopping cart to your TYPO3 installation and is well suited for content commerce.

The extension allows you to add products to a cart and handles the order process completely. There are other awesome extensions like extcode/cart-products, extcode/cart-events, and extcode/cart-books to handle different types of products.

Furthermore, you will find some payment provider extensions like extcode/cart-payone, extcode/cart-paypal, extcode/cart-saverpay, and more to add payment methods to the checkout process.


  • makes intensive use of the TYPO3 Core API functionality
  • very well expandable - several hooks, signal slots, and interfaces - API (finisher pipeline) to process the order with possibility to register own tasks - API to add payment providers - API to connect your own product extensions
  • highly configurable through TypoScript
  • proved Bootstrap templates
  • backend module to show and utilize orders


Hörgeräte ISMA (hearing aid)

Warenkorb bei Hörgeräte ISMA