Feature: 337 - Split Up ProcessOrderCreateEvent

See Issue #337


In order to better integrate the EventListener in connection with payment providers, the \Extcode\Cart\Event\ProcessOrderCreateEvent was split into several events. These implement a new EventInterface and also the \Psr\EventDispatcher\StoppableEventInterface.


\Extcode\Cart\Event\ProcessOrderCreateEvent has been marked as deprecated and will be removed in version 8.x.

The new events in the order of their dispatch:

  • \Extcode\Cart\Event\Order\CreateEvent
  • \Extcode\Cart\Event\Order\StockEvent
  • \Extcode\Cart\Event\Order\PaymentEvent
  • \Extcode\Cart\Event\Order\FinishEvent

The new events can be activated via a feature toggle in LocalConfiguration.php or AdditionalConfiguration.php:

$GLOBALS['TYPO3_CONF_VARS']['SYS']['features']['SplitUpProcessOrderCreateEvent'] = true;

The cart extension itself currently registers \Extcode\Cart\EventListener\ProcessOrderCreate\Order and \Extcode\Cart\EventListener\ProcessOrderCreate\Order on \Extcode\Cart\Event\Order\CreateEvent. And the extension registers \Extcode\Cart\EventListener\ProcessOrderCreate\Email and \Extcode\Cart\EventListener\ProcessOrderCreate\ClearCart on \Extcode\Cart\Event\Order\FinishEvent.

The product extensions extcode/cart-products, extcode/cart-events, and extcode/cart-books will register the EventListeners to \Extcode\Cart\Event\Order\StockEvent.

The payment methods provider extensions should be registered to the \Extcode\Cart\Event\Order\PaymentEvent. These should return true for the isPropagationStopped() if the payment process cannot be completed immediately, to prevent sending emails and clearing the cart session directly. The emails and clearing cart is then the responsibility of the extension. Of course, the extension itself can send appropriate events and the EventListener from this extension can be registered to it.


If the feature toggle has been activated, the event \Extcode\Cart\Event\ProcessOrderCreateEvent will no longer be triggered. All EventListeners registered to this event must be registered to one of the new events.