Breaking: #256 - Change country only changes tax for first product variant

See Issue #256


An error is fixed which occurs in connection with the output of gross prices in the product table of the shopping cart when products have several variants and the change of the invoicing country assigns new tax classes to the products. The tax class change now displays the correct gross price for all variants.

Affected Installations

The use of the old template and JavaScripts has the consequence that the product list is not updated if the gross price changes due to the change of the invoicing country. This only affects installations in which the price of the product is maintained as the net price.

Instances which use net price products and custom partial templates for:


or own JavaScript instead of



Add <f:render partial="Cart/ProductForm" arguments="{cart:cart}"/> to your EXT:cart/Resources/Private/Templates/Cart/Country/Update.html template file

Add $("#form-cart").html($(data).filter("#form-cart").html()); to success callback of the ajax request in updateCountry function.