Create recurring event with exceptions

This tutorial will show you how to create a recurring event with exceptions / excluded dates.


In this example an event is repeated every friday. It should be limited to a specific time span and exclude the school holidays. Instead of excluding every single date in each event, a configuration group is used. Through this the exceptions can be reused in multiple events and easier maintained.


  1. Create a configuration group

    1. Create a new configuration group

    2. Add configurations with time frames which should be excluded (Handling should still be Include)

      New configuration group with multiple configurations
  2. Create a recurring event

    1. Create an Event and fill in the mandatory fields.

    2. Add a configuration with a weekly frequency and a till date.

      Event configuration on the frequency tab
    3. Add an additional configuration and set Type to Group and the Handling to Exclude.

    4. Fill in the field Groups by selecting the previously created group.

      Event configuration on the frequency tab
    5. Save and repeat this for other events.

  3. Check the result

    Inspect the dates in Calendarize (Information - Save to refresh...) or in the frontend.


Group configurations are valid event models, so they might be displayed by themselves in the frontend. Use Configuration (record type) in the plugin to prevent this.