URL Rewrite / Speaking URLs

An introduction and a reference for configuration can be found in the official documentation.

Exemplary / Standard configuration

The extension ships with an exemplary routeEnhancer. This can be included by adding the following import to the site configuration.

  - { resource: "EXT:calendarize/Configuration/Yaml/RouteEnhancers.yaml" }

You may want to adapt these configurations to your own needs with e.g. different year ranges. For this copy the relevant sections to your own configuration file.


Keep in mind, that the range of all possible combination is limited 10000 items per route enhancer!

Due to this the year is limited to a fixed span. So all links with dates outside this range result in a Page Not Found exception.

Additionally a user can access pages by changing the url, which may lay inside or outside the configured dateLimitBrowser* range.