Import ICS / ICal Calendar

An external ICS calendar can be imported with a scheduler task. For this the scheduler task creates default events on the given pid. If an event already exists (determined by UID inside importId) on ANY pid, the event only gets updated. For your own events implement the ImportSingleIcalEventListener.

  1. Add a new Scheduler Task

  2. Select the class Execute console commands

  3. Select Frequency for the execution

  4. Go to section Schedulable Command. Save and reopen to define command arguments at the bottom.

  5. Select calendarize:import (press save)

  6. Select the options you want to execute the queue with, it's important to check the checkboxes and not only fill in the values.






The URI of the iCalendar ICS


The page ID to create new elements


since (optional)

Imports all events since the given date. You can use relative and absolute PHP dates. Note: For recurring even only the start date is relevant.


-10 days

Supported properties

The iCalendar format specification is complex, so only a subset of properties is supported.

The generation of (event) configurations currently support following properties :

  • UID

  • start / end date and time

  • allday events

  • duration (composer only)

  • status (e.g. CANCELLED) (STATUS)

  • recurring configuration (RRULE)

    • frequency (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly) (FREQ)

    • interval (INTERVAL)

    • until / last date (UNTIL)

    • the number of occurrences (COUNT)

    • (simple) recurrences with monthly/yearly frequencies (e.g. every first Monday into the month) (BYDAY, BYSETPOS)

In addition to them the default event makes use of:

  • title (SUMMARY)

  • description (DESCRIPTION)

  • location (LOCATION)

  • organizer (ORGANIZER)