Own events

The concept of the calendarize extension is the creation of own models and tables that should be part of the calendar output.


Calendarize needs a configuration to handle your own model. A common practice is to store this in a static function (e.g. Classes/Register.php).

$configuration = [
    // Unique Key for the register (e.g. you Extension Key + "Event")
    'uniqueRegisterKey' => 'MyEvent',
    // Title for your events (this is shown in the FlexForm configuration of the Plugins)
    'title'             => 'My Event',
    // Name of your model
    'modelName'         => \HDNET\MyExtension\Domain\Model\MyEvent::class,
    // Partials identifier (HTML) for your event (in most cases unique)
    'partialIdentifier' => 'MyEvent',
    // Table name of your event table
    'tableName'         => 'tx_myextension_domain_model_myevent',
    // If true, your event requires at least one event configuration
    'required'          => true,

    // [OPTIONAL] All classNames used for the extended models
    'subClasses'        => array of classnames,
    // [OPTIONAL] Field name of the configurations, default is 'calendarize' (recommended)
    'fieldName'         => 'calendarize'

This configuration is then registered to calendarize by adding it to your ext_localconf.php:

$configuration = [...];

Additionally, you need to add the TCA configuration for the event configuration and information field:


Change preview count

To modify the amount of items shown in the preview you can change the amount in the TCA override. 10 items are displayed by default.

$GLOBALS['TCA']['tx_myextension_domain_model_myevent']['columns']['calendarize_info']['config']['items'] = 25;