Migration from cal to calendarize

This will help you to migrate data from cal to calendarize.



  • Installed extension calendarize (version 12)

  • Tables from cal (e.g. tx_cal_*, ...)

  • TYPO3 v10.4 (v11 is NOT supported)

Deprecated since version 13: Was removed in calendarize 13 and later


Migration of records

The migration is an upgrade wizard and listed inside the admin tool. Inside the Upgrade > Upgrade Wizard and you should be listed as "Migrate cal event structures to the new calendarize event structures. [...]".


The wizard is only displayed, if the table tx_cal_event exists.

It is also possible to execute the wizard from the command line.

# Run using the identifier 'calendarize_calMigration'
./vendor/bin/typo3 upgrade:run calendarize_calMigration

Changed in version 8.2.0: The identifier was formerly called HDNET\\Calendarize\\Updates\\CalMigrationUpdate.

Migration of plugins

The plugins of cal can partially be migrated to plugins of calendarize. For this take a look at sypets/cal2calendarize.

Migrated tables

The wizard uses the default event model and places the result in the same folder as the old records. To keep track of already migrated records, the import_id is a combination of calMigration: and the old uid.


The basic / common fields of Calendar Events (tx_cal_event) get migrated to the Event model. For most date options a Configuration record is used.

Event Exception (Groups)

Event exceptions are used to exclude dates in recurring events and can be grouped.

Event Exception Groups (tx_cal_exception_event_group) get migrated to Configuration Groups. The corresponding Event Exceptions (tx_cal_exception_event) become single Configurations and are added to the group. Finally the group gets added to the Events with excluded Handling.


Older versions of cal (< 2.0) used its own table cal_category for categories. These will be migrated to sys_categories of TYPO3. The newer version using sys_categories is also supported.

Calendar, Locations, Attendees, Deviations

These record types are currently NOT migrated.

Not migrated

Be aware that some things are not migrated:

  • Templates

  • TypoScript configurations

  • (Plugins)

  • Some fields and tables (e.g. calendar, locations, attendees, deviations, ...)

  • Deviations

  • Additionally fields by other extensions

  • ...