You don’t need to enter the needed gridelements manually :) but half automatically.

  • Add a folder for grid layouts. For example
    • Grid Layouts
  • Create backend layouts (use it only, if your table tx_gridelements_backend_layout is empty!)
    • edit typo3conf/ext/start/ext_tables_static+adt.sql
    • replace ‘xyz’ with the page id of your folder “backend layouts” from above
    • Copy the SQL statements from the file and paste it into PhpMyAdmin
    • Send the SQL statements
  • Create backend layouts icons
    • Copy the icons to the tx_gridelements folder in uploads:
cp -aR typo3conf/ext/start/Resources/Public/uploads/tx_gridelements/* uploads/tx_gridelements/

Check the content of your folder “backend layouts”. It should contain 8 backend layouts.

TYPO3 8.7

The needed extension Gridelements 8.x isn’t published in the TER currently.

You must download it from the Git-repository at