If you update from smaller than 4.6.5 please respect the both You MUST / You SHOULD at 4.6.


Bootstrap support for Grid Elements

You have to include a the new static template only:

  • Start [20.4.1] Gridelements (Bootstrap)

RTE with additional Features

Width of columns by Constant Editor

Backend layout: width of columns can configured by the Constant Editor. See


CSS Grid Layout

CSS is improved:

From 5.0

  • .main .left, .main .main or .main .right

To 4.6:

  • .maincontentleft, .maincontentmain, .maincontentright [DEPRECATED]

HTML/CSS Grid Elements

If the CSS class property contains a value, the grid element gets a div wrap with this value as the CSS class.


  • value is empty: <div class=”row”>{gridelement}</div>
  • value is “container”: <div class=”container”><div class=”row”>{gridelement}</div></div>

Margin columns are visible on mobile devices

Backend layout: margin columns are displayed in small view too. CSS class “show-for-medium-up” is moved to “small-12”. If you don’t like it, please configure

page.63148.start__[layout].settings { ... }


If you are using own fluid templates, please note #i0224 in the ChangeLog