New Website

Add a TypoScript template to your root page.

Existing Website

Disable / hide the TypoScript template of your root page.

Both – existing and New Website

Take your TypoScript root template:

  • Options

    • Clear: [X] Constants, [X] Setup
    • Rootlevel: [X]
  • Include the static templates

    • Fluid Styled Content (fluid_styled_content) or CSS Styled Content (css_styled_content)
    • Gridelements (gridelements)
    • Foundation framework (t3foundation)
    • Start [1] (start)
    • Start [1] +Gridelements (start)
    • Start [2] Foundation (start)
    • Start [2] +Foundation Icons 3 (start)
    • Start Customer (startcustomer) <- if you like to start with a ready-to-use-theme and if you have installed Start TYPO3 Responsive +Customer (startcustomer)
  • Configure some base properties like the base URL and language properties with the Constant Editor. See: category [START - CONFIG]

  • Configure the pid of your root page with the Constant Editor. See: category [START - PAGES] > field: Root page: Your root page id