For Developers

Extbase / Fluid

For learning extension development with the Extbase framework and the templating engine Fluid you can use one of these resources:


Note that the current edition of the book is for TYPO3 7. The online resource is partly outdated. So, at the moment we must discourage you from using these Extbase / Fluid resources, unfortunately.

You can start with the resources in "TYPO3 Explained" in the next section.

TYPO3 Explained

"TYPO3 Explained" is part of the official documentation on

It is an extensive resource, which gives you an introduction to TYPO3, the extension architecture and then features a reference in the API Overview. The API Overview is actually more than an overview of the public functions of TYPO3 and explains the concepts and how to use the core functionality quite well.

It is (in most parts) well maintained.

Extension Builder

See Creating a new Extension. It contains a description of how to create a new extension with the Extension Builder.


There are a number of dedicated references for TCA, TSconfig, TypoScript and Fluid. Have a look in this list:

You will definitely need these, if you want to get serious about developing for TYPO3.


You can also look at existing extensions to see how others do things.

All (publicly available) third party extensions are listed in the TYPO3 Extension Repository.

You can do a search, and then click on "Code Insights" to go to the code repository.


Make sure to always choose an extension that supports the TYPO3 version you are using. So, if you are using TYPO3 9, restrict your search to extensions, that already support TYPO3 9!

TYPO3 has gone through quite some changes between major versions, so be sure to look at code and documentation for your current version.

search in TER

Search in TYPO3 Extension Repository for extensions that support version 9.

Some extensions that are already used as examples in the documentation are:

For Developing Backend Modules:


Look at the Core Source-Code

Of course, you can also look at the TYPO3 source code.

For online browsing, you can use GitHub.

Again, make sure to look in the correct branch for your version.

Not Found What You Were Looking For?


You can also go to the Slack channel #typo3-cms and ask for recommendations about what to read for your particular task.