The content elements

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Typical page content

This chapter describes the default set of content elements provided by TYPO3's Core. It will show you a description and screenshots of the backend fields.

General fields

These are fields which are used by (almost) every content element.

Show in Section Menus

Using this option will only be visible when using menu's based on sections. This will be described in the chapter Menus.

This field can be found in the Appearance tab.

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The field "Show In Section Menu's"

A Section Menu, which is in turn a content element itself produces an output including the headlines of all content elements with the flag Show in Section Menus set.


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The Access tab with all its fields

These fields define if and when a visitor has access to this content element. The access fields all reside in the Access tab:

Visibility of content element
By checking this option the content element will not be visible to any visitor.
Publish Date
The date on which the content has to be published, which means making visible at a certain date.
Expiration Date
The date on which the content will be expired, which means the content will be hidden on a certain date
Usergroup Access Rights
Here you can select whether the content element only is available to a certain frontend user group, if it has to be visible only when the visitor is logged in or if it has to be hidden at a login.