The scheduler shell script

The scheduler provides a PHP shell script designed to be run using TYPO3's command-line dispatcher. To try and run that script a first time, type the following command.

On a Composer based system:

bin/typo3 scheduler:run


On a system without Composer (adapt the path to TYPO3 to match your system):

typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 scheduler:run

You might have to add the full path to the PHP interpreter in front of the command if PHP is not on the search path:

/usr/local/bin/php typo3/sysext/core/bin/typo3 scheduler:run


In the following examples, we will use the path to typo3 for systems with Composer.

Show help

In order to show help:

bin/typo3 scheduler:run --help


Providing options to the shell script

The shell scripts accepts a number of options which can be provided in any order.

--task (-i)

To run a specific scheduler task you need to provide the uid of the task:

bin/typo3 scheduler:run --task=8


bin/typo3 scheduler:run -i 8

The example will trigger the task with uid 8.

New in version 10.3

It is possible to run several tasks:

bin/typo3 scheduler:run --task=8 --task=2

The tasks will be executed in the order in which they are provided.


To run a task even if it is disabled (or not scheduled to be run yet), you need to provide the force option:

bin/typo3 scheduler:run --task=8 -f

This will also run the task with uid 8 if it is disabled.


A single -v flag will output errors only. Two -vv flags will also output additional information:

bin/typo3 scheduler:run --task=8 -v