List of available types

Target group: Developers, Integrators


New in version 2.1.0.


The list of the available types is available for TYPO3 v11 LTS and up.

The available types (like Person, Organization or BlogPosting) are extended with ongoing versions of the standard. The vocabulary can also be extended independently or by installing additional vocabulary sections.

An overview of the available types can be found in the System > Configuration module.


The System > Configuration module is available when the lowlevel system extension is installed.

Configuration overview

To open the Configuration module, navigate to the System > Configuration module. In the upper menu bar, select Schema: Types.

Available types in the Configuration module

Available types in the Configuration module

There are three groups available:

  • All types: The available types are listed alphabetically.
  • Web page types: The available web page types used in the page properties.
  • Web page element types: The available web page element types.

You can quickly look up the available types using the search box.