PSR-14 events

Target group: Developers


You can enhance the functionality in the schema extension with PSR-14 event listeners. An event listener receives an event that provides methods for retrieving and setting dedicated properties.

See also

You can find more information about PSR-14 events in the blog article PSR-14 Events in TYPO3 and the official TYPO3 documentation.

Register additional properties for a type

New in version 1.6.0.

Sometimes it can be necessary to use properties which are not standardised or pending, or to add property annotations. Therefore an PSR-14 event is available which can be used in an event listener.

These additional properties are not only available in the API but also as arguments in the view helpers.

The event Brotkrueml\Schema\Event\RegisterAdditionalTypePropertiesEvent provides the following methods:

getType(): string

Returns the class name of the type. You can use this to add a property only to one type.

getAdditionalProperties(): array

Retrieve the already defined additionalProperties for this type, e.g. by other event listeners.

registerAdditionalProperty(string $propertyName): void

This method registers an additional property for one or more types.


  1. Create the event listener

    namespace YourVender\YourExtension\EventListener;
    use Brotkrueml\Schema\Event\RegisterAdditionalTypePropertiesEvent;
    use Brotkrueml\Schema\Model\Type\Person;
    final class AdditionalPropertiesForPerson
       public function __invoke(RegisterAdditionalTypePropertiesEvent $event): void
          if ($event->getType() === Person::class) {

    The method __invoke() implements the logic for registering additional properties for one or more types. It receives the RegisterAdditionalTypePropertiesEvent. You can register as many properties as you want.

  2. Register your event listener in Configuration/Services.yaml

             - name: event.listener
               identifier: 'myAdditionalPropertiesForPerson'
               event: Brotkrueml\Schema\Event\RegisterAdditionalTypePropertiesEvent