Web page types

Target group: Editors

Adjustment of the web page type

As an editor you have the possibility to adjust the type of every single web page for the schema markup. The default value is the most generic one: WebPage.

You’ll find the field in the page properties under the SEO tab (with installed seo system extension) or under the Metadata tab (if the seo system extension is not installed):

Field in the page properties

Field Type of web page in the page properties

If no value is selected, WebPage is assumed.

Available web page types

WebPage is the most common web page type, the other types are more specific:

Type Description
WebPage This is the most generic type for a web page
  AboutPage Page about the site, the organization, the person behind the site, etc.
  CheckoutPage Checkout page in a web shop
  CollectionPage Page about multiple things, like a paginated page listing blog posts, a product category, etc.
    MediaGallery A mixed-media page that can contains media such as images, videos, and other multimedia
      ImageGallery Page with an image gallery as the most valuable content
      VideoGallery Page with a video gallery
  ContactPage Page with contact information
  FAQPage Page with frequently asked questions
  ImageGallery Page with an image gallery as the most valuable content
  ItemPage Page about a single item, e.g. a blog posting, a photograph, a product
  MedicalWebPage Page that provides medical information (with installed extension “schema_health”)
  ProfilePage Page for user profiles
  QAPage A page with a question and one or more answers to this question
  RealEstateListing Page listing that describes one or more real-estate offers (with installed extension “schema_pending”)
  SearchResultsPage Page for the result pages of the search function