Properties of each font available in the RTE.

fonts.[ id-string ]


fonts.[ id-string ]


Defines the fonts available in the RTE.


.name = Label of the font in menu (may be a reference to an entry in a localization file of the form LLL:EXT:[fileref]:[labelkey])
.value = The font face value (comma-separated list of font-family names; if a font-family name contains spaces, it should be quoted with single quotes)


# General configuration of the available fonts:
RTE.fonts {
  face1 {
    name = Verdana
    value = verdana, arial
  face2 {
    name = Comic Sans
    value = 'Comic Sans MS'
  noFace {
    name = No font
    value =
# Specific setting for the fontstyle selector:
RTE.default.buttons.fontstyle.addItems = face2 , face1, noFace