Installing the RTE

The latest version can be installed via TER or via composer by running

composer require friendsoftypo3/rtehtmlarea

in a TYPO3 v8 installation.

Installing the extension prior to TYPO3 v8

The extension is a system extension and is installed by default when TYPO3 is installed.

Use the Extension Manager to un-install/re-install the extension.

The extension may be installed as a system, global or local extension.

If you plan to use the spell checking feature, you should install extension Static Info Tables (static_info_tables). The spell checker feature requires GNU Aspell 0.60+ to be installed on the server.

Custom elements presented by the User Elements feature may be maintained with extension Custom Tags (extension key: de_custom_tags).

Upon installation directory uploads/tx_rtehtmlarea will be created. Personal dictionaries are stored in subdirectories of this directory.